WK Investment Network

WK Investment Network is one of the largest active Property Investment Network in Singapore formed by Ms Wendy Kwek & her husband, Mr Joey Poh. Thousands of graduates from Property Riches Program joined this exclusive network for special and undervalued real estate property deals for local Singapore property market as well as international property market. Each of these property investment opportunities is carefully screened through with due diligence done by the WK Investment Network Team before offering to the members of WK Investment Network.

WK Investment Networkwk investment network

With the same level of like mindedness, members of WK Investment Network will be able to make informed decisions based on their investment risk appetite and the amount of property investment capital they have instead of commiting the common mistakes made by individual retail property investors.

WK Investment Network

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All forms of investment carry some forms of risk. Attendees are to take responsibilities when entering any investment opportunity