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Wendy KwekWendy Kwek was a successful Singapore sales consultant who earned up to $250,000 in a six-month period but she was also a big spender in expensive things like brand new BMW, jetting to 10 countries in two years and bought Gucci bags without thinking.
But one day, Wendy Kwek was fired at the age of 29 by her company over pay matters. Without income flowing in while chalking up high debts of $100,000,  Wendy Kwek went broke very fast. In a short time, she had to move back to her parents' place and took bus as her main transport.
Her marriage broke down at the same time.  Her so called friends fell by the wayside. It was the most stressful time in her life.
At the age of 36, Wendy Kwek, a NUS BA graduate finally understood that university education was not meant to secure her career and she was taught to secure a good job to manage someone else's business. Wendy Kwek also admits that her financial problems were caused by not saving enough. For every dollar made, she’d spend $1.20. “I was rich in liabilities but poor in assets,” Wendy Kek says. Her struggle out of her money trap was a torturous process because she soon had to learn many hard lessons.
Yet Wendy Kwek managed to clear all her debts in six months by borrowing money from her family, cut up her credit cards, sold off her car, moved in with her parents, and even terminated things she took for granted, like her cable TV and Internet services. She was determined not to work for anyone. So, with additional help from her parents, she attended self-improvement seminars on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Inspired by Wendy Kwek's new ‘education’, Wendy Kwek decided to start her first event organising company. With just $52, she placed a three-line newspaper advertisement to recruit marketers for inspirational talks organised by other companies. The first seminar was a hit and she has not looked back since. So far, the talks have been given by renowned motivational speakers like Anthony Robbins and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki. After three years, she says her first company made more than $1 million.

Wendy Kwek considers education to be one of the best investments a woman can make – she reckons that she has forked out more than $100,000 on motivational courses and books over the last six years. Too much money, some would say. But she explains confidently: “If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Today, Wendy Kwek is raking in “millions” by owning businesses such as WK Events Pte Ltd and made excellent property investment, owning over 100 properties worldwide. Her property investments span from Asia Pacific to USA, Europe and Latin America. Her current portfolio include private residential properties, such as condominiums, mixed development SOHO units, landed properties, commercial properties including shop houses, retail units, F&B outlets, offices, light and heavy industrial properties, hotel investment and medical suites.

Wendy Kwek's WK investment network has grew to multiple of thousands and helping many of her property riches program graduates in owning multiple properties that they possibly dream of.

Wendy Kwek finally understood that she was enjoying the high life in the past, money was a tool for instant gratification. But ever since her financial anguish, she says she “respects each dollar I make”. And while her life has come full circle, she’s learned enough to know not to repeat her mistakes. She explains: “I think I still deserve a good life but my mindset is different now.”

Wendy Kwek

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